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Emma Rylie
31 January 1988
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When asked where I live by fellow classmates I simply reply either "In the middle of no where." or "Meh, that way *flop hand in general direction of house*". Apparently people find that enough information.

I RP stuff, I write, I draw (not very well though) and I love the theatre and so far it only kinda loves me back. :-(

I have wonderful friends (of which, one lives next door), family, pets, and shoes. I love my eyes and hate my arms. I love showing off my back (especially while by wearing a very fancy dress) and I love the color red. I partially speak Frech and I want to travel a lot. I love to horseback ride whenever I can, and continually ask my parents for one. (I've come to the point where they don't even answer me anymore since I know the answer is 'no' but it can't hurt to ask...again and...again.... hehe)

I love to take pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

Even though I have very bad mornings (I am so NOT a morning person), and a growing case of procrastination, I am happy and I like the way things are going so far.

My layout [icons, header, html] was made by my fabulously wonderful friend sydne_bristow, you can see her icon journal by going here,

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